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A month in between episodes!??! Fuck you Mikey and Rinne. Well, we are consistent in our inconsistency.    This week: our first episode from our van - Luther Vandross. We are tucke...

Welcome to Summer fun times MRSI fam!    Reach out to us -   We love you all - and hope you love our dick and fart jokes...they are plentiful.

MRSI Fam and Friends and Cult Followers!   WE are so glad to be back, and we have a special fun show for you!   love. you. all. join the cult.

MRSI Fam. Sorry for the delay. We love you. We are thinking of you.   Thanks for being with us. In every sense of it. All. Seriously.

Laugh. Cry. Eat. Sleep. You have been there with us the whole time...   We love you MRSI fam. Forever.

Episode 67: ...oof.

We love you MRSI fam. For real.

We love you MRSI Fam!   This week - 17 WEEKS along...growing a life and all the things that come with it. Mostly bigger boobs.   Thanks for tuning in...

Long time, no hear...right?! Sorry about the wait. We love our MRSI peeps.   This week: (almost) 13 WEEKS! - What Rinne is eating, how to satisfy pregnancy cravings and a deep disc...

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